Monday, 2 September 2013

More poison on the land says Jan Wright, the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Here's our response:-

The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment has again missed the point. That is that 1080, originally registered as an insecticide is a metabolic poison; it kills everything that requires oxygen for its metabolic processes; every bird, animal, insect. It is an ecosystem poison. New Zealand conservation is species based and seeks to advantage native species while eradicating non-natives, as such, it can be readily corrupted by blind bigotry and interestingly, greed. It is a deliberate and wilful poisoning of whole forest ecosystems. It advantages the fastest breeders, particularly rats and stoats; slower breeding natives are disadvantaged. It is driven by a “created” crisis of “pests” which are blamed for killing birds; it is a crisis that conservation organisations are able to use to garner money from public and corporates. The same crisis is used by the Commissioners employer, the state to maintain an over $120 million a year government owned poisons industry. It is the government’s own agencies which spread 1080 over forests, lakes and rivers. Scientists who have raised concerns have lost their jobs or had their funding cut, so the rest go along with it.

It is poisons, not “pests” that are killing our forests and bird ecosystems.

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